Change is a shamanic practice

Pubblicato da il 10 giugno 2015

bob marley

Spiritual herbs: they open us up to celestial currents through, and we reborn in water and spirit.

The function of all the practices prescribed by religions is to prepare people to receive heaven’s influences and messages correctly. But whether they be prayers, prostrations, ablutions or fasting, these practices are really only of relative importance. The essential thing is that those who accept these practices should be determined to work on themselves to gain more clarity and become simpler and purer, in order to open their heart, mind, soul and spirit to the influences from above.

Anyone who is not aware of why this work is necessary would do better to leave spiritual practices alone, for they are setting themselves up to be a danger to themselves and to others: their narrow observance of rituals serves only to give them the delusion that they are a righteous being, a spokesperson, an instrument of heaven. As a result of this, we have seen some become torturers of their family, even of their people. Only those who have practised for a long time to purify their thoughts and feelings, until there is only light in their mind and love in their heart, are able to perceive and transmit anything from the divine world.

The change is only alchemic, if you don’t believe it, listen: Jesus answered, “Very truly I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless they are born of water and the Spirit”. John 3:5

The Master shaman uses magic herbs that secretly transform spirit into water and human nature into supernatural. The water which Christ talks about is not the water of our world, but the merger of the two energies: lunar and solar, from which light, life and love are born.

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