Towards the regions of the Voodoo Spirit

Pubblicato da il 21 luglio 2016



As soon as you realize you are going down the wrong path by giving in to certain temptations, change course and quickly distance yourself from the dark regions into which you have strayed. Understand that your entire future is determined by the regions towards which you travel.
Religious teaching says that God punishes us when we do wrong and rewards us for the good things we do. But this is just a way of presenting things.

In reality, God does not punish us and he does not reward us either. We ourselves choose to go to a particular inner region, through our thoughts, our feelings and our actions. We then either have to suffer, or we benefit from the splendid conditions in these regions. And there is an enormous difference between going to the regions of light and going to those of darkness. These regions are those of the spirit of Voodoo.

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