Master and disciples: their respective tasks

Pubblicato da il 10 giugno 2015


A spiritual Master has great powers, of course, but there are things he cannot do. He cannot, for example, eat for you. He can give you food, but you have to eat it. And if you say, ‘No, no, I want him to eat for me’, the Master will get stronger and you will be in a state of collapse.

If you decide to follow a Master, do not imagine he will change you or solve your problems. A Master will not do your work. He will do his work, which is to give you all the materials you need to build your inner temple. He will even give you cement and nails, symbolically speaking, but you will have to do the work; he will not build your temple for you. When disciples of a spiritual teaching make the effort to understand what the Master’s work is and what must be their own work, they have already come a long way. The Master tells you one thing: follow me everywhere and anytime, not forgetting the smallest detail. In every detail lies a magic fluid on which depends the operation of the magic potion, but it’s up to you to be very quick in the response! Only by your timing depends your immediate delivery from debt, welcoming the credit which will give you a life of abundance and success in every area.


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