Animals, like angels, are the reflection of God

Posted by on 18 June 2014


For God’s creatures, the past, the present and the future correspond to different degrees of evolution. Yes, what animals are now is what human beings were in the past. What angels are now is what human beings will be. What human beings are now is what angels once were. If you wish to find out what human beings were once like, go and look at the snout, mouth or beak of an animal. As for finding out what they are like now, it’s only too easy; I won’t say you should look at a human being’s ‘snout’ (for the human face, even when misshapen, is a reflection of the face of God), but look at their behaviour.

So, if we want to know our future, we must seek our information from the angels. Yes, we can get close to the angels in our thoughts to feel, see and understand what our future holds.

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