Live as a God

Posted by on 12 September 2014


Start your day with a great mentality, you were born to travel by private plane, you have your personal driver, you have wonderful houses worldwide, the word poverty does not exist for a child of God, live with a mind of abundance and you will become like God wants for you. Outside you have already your helicopter waiting for you, it’s time to fly very high, above the mediocrity of the world.

God is the creativity, so if you really want to enter into the world of God you will have to learn the ways of creativity — and that has disappeared. Instead of creativity we value productivity: we talk about how to produce more. Production can give you things but cannot give you values. Production can make you rich outwardly but it will impoverish you inwardly. Production is not creation. Production is very mediocre; any stupid person can do it, one simply needs to learn the knack of it.

From today live as God wants, and not as a beggar!

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