The Word is Music!

Posted by on 20 November 2014

the word is music

From the moment you have a thought, it is as if you had already spoken. This inner form of speech is real, powerful and magical and is referred to as the Word. The Word is the thought that has not yet been translated into speech in the physical plane, but it is already expressed in shapes, colours and sounds.

When you speak inwardly with all your soul and all your heart, the plants, animals, birds and insects understand your language and the planets, stars, angels and archangels also understand you. The creatures of the invisible world do not use the words of a language to talk to each other; they use the colours, shapes and melodies emanating from them and every one of them is able to interpret this language straight away.

One day human beings will communicate with each other only with their emanations and they will understand each other because the Word is the universal language and music.

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