The riches of the universe are in my wand

Posted by on 7 August 2015

The Banks of Heaven, in which we must place our spiritual riches.

You suddenly feel visited by joy, inspiration, a wonderful thought.. You have just received riches, but how can you hold onto them? By placing them in a bank. That’s right, as even if the conditions of everyday life thrust you back into difficulties and worries, there is a way not to lose what this joy, inspiration or thought has brought you. You can deposit these riches in a bank, like a sum of money you want to keep safe.

Just because you are a spiritual person does not mean you have to forget banks exist. Yes, just as there are banks on earth, so there are in heaven, where the bankers are entities of light overseeing the management of spiritual wealth. So when you experience a state of grace, turn to them and say, ‘I am aware I have received something very good and beautiful that I shouldn’t just keep to myself. There are so many unfortunate, suffering beings in the world who need help! I don’t know how to give it to them, so please allow them to benefit from my wealth.’ What you entrust in this way to the heavenly entities you do not lose. It will be returned to you later in another form – health, wisdom or love – and you will also have the satisfaction of having been able to help those who needed it.


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